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"I started meeting with Corinne at a time when I needed clarity on changing careers, setting family goals, and prioritizing self-care.  We met on a weekly basis and, while our sessions required a lot of self-reflection and hard work at times, they were also fun and I looked forward to seeing Corinne each week.  Most importantly, the growth and clarity I gained was remarkable.  Corinne is a wonderful mix of professional and approachable, and made herself accessible to me between our sessions.  Thanks to my work with Corinne, my husband and I established and aligned our family goals and I found the confidence to start a new career.  Corinne even helped me create a daily schedule to weave in time for self-care.  I'm so glad I made the decision to do this type of work."

-Coaching Client


1:1 Coaching

Leaders get strategic 1:1 coaching through my tried and true leadership coaching pathways. Based on the needs of the leader, we identify areas of growth, teach, practice, and then develop long-term processes. 

This process lasts 3-6 months, and is followed by maintenance coaching sessions.

Leadership Development Training

Bring your leaders together for interactive trainings in which leaders become better versions of themselves. My goal in these sessions is for everyone to walk away with actionable goals and changes in behavior. For a complete catalogue of training options, contact me. 

Emerging Leaders

Through the power of small groups, new managers learn the strategies for successful leadership. We work on processes, communication skills, and community-building. 


Executive Team Development

When executive teams feel stuck, or are maybe trying to grow the company even further, I walk alongside teams to evaluate company vision and behaviors, assess where they want to go, and put action into place.

Monday Envisioning Meditation

FREE! Weekly I meet with a group of individuals interested in bettering themselves through the visualization of their future, higher self. We meet Mondays at 8:30am, and I record and send out the meditations after it's over. Please contact me if you'd like to join this community.

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