Envisioning as a lifestyle

“What is it that I’m working towards?” a client asked me during a coaching session. She had been working a lot, projects were getting changed without warning, and teams were pointing fingers when things went wrong. Now my client was burnt out and asking herself what the hard work was all for. Her question was really quite simple: What is the end result? What do our leaders want for our organization at the end of this year, 3 years from now, 5 years from now? Why the heck am I working so hard?

If I haven’t said this to you before, I’m saying it now: everything relates back to dance team. And as my client asked this question, my brain went back to the gym, where we used to lay on the floor and listen to our competition music. We’d all envision being at the state championship, the announcer calling our team to the floor, the audience cheering, and our music starting. We would all envision a perfect routine, we’d practice the butterflies in our stomach, and in that moment it was reinforced WHY we needed to work so hard. The dancers knew there was still a lot of journey ahead of them, but they knew what feeling they were chasing. And we’d get to work.

At the beginning of the pandemic I spent three months back in Washington state (I was living in SF at the time), and when life slowed down, and I was alone with my thoughts, I began to question where I was going in my career and life. I was happy, but something was missing. I had a coach at the time and she had me do an exercise where I spoke to my future self, ten years into the future. My future self was a wife, a mother, a business owner, and I lived in Seattle. I was confident, at peace, and proud of my 10-year journey. After that powerful exercise, I saw what was possible, and I had a lot of work to do to get there! So I went back to SF, told my best friend I loved him, moved us back to Seattle, and in time quit my People Team job to start my own business.

Envisioning doesn’t stop with one exercise, either. I have to constantly think about where I want my business to go, what kind of relationships I want to have, and how I want to spend my time. I’m always channeling that peaceful, confident person. So I fake it, until I’m going to make it (which I will, my future self was already there!).

As the pandemic slows down and we're more open to activities and gatherings, we are all emerging with a fresh perspective. What's important now in our life, our work, our well-being? I’ve been doing some powerful envisioning work with clients the last few months and it has CHANGED LIVES. I’m talking job transitions, moving to different parts of the country, visualizing a post-covid wedding, and adjusting priorities in life.

Needing direction for your team at work, your company, or otherwise? Let me know how I can help.

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