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The Battle Cats: A Wacky and Fun Strategy Cat Game Download

This was such a fun and odd game to play, I enjoyed it. The only suggestion I can make is to add subtitles to the characters that are speaking. Since I have an auditory issue (as do others) it was very hard to understand what was being said or I couldn't hear it at all. Other than that it was a lot of fun figuring out all the different endings. Good job Dev!

Long gone are the days when a scratching post or toy mouse was enough to entertain your furry companion. The feline world has entered the digital age, with a plethora of games on iPad and Android tablets made specifically for your cats.

cat game download

This game is definitely a cat favorite. You can either choose Play Game or Advanced from the main screen. In both modes, you see a totally black screen with big bugs on it. When your cat taps a bug it disappears, but new ones enter all the time.

If you choose Play Game, a timer starts with various prompts and levels, which don't really mean much to your cat. Whereas in Advanced, you can choose exactly how many bugs appear onscreen and choose to start an endless game to keep your cat entertained for hours.

If you'd rather your cat went fishing instead of catching bugs, Cat Fishing from Go-Cat is the obvious choice. The goal of this game is for your cat to tap on the fish, which makes them disappear and increases your cat's score.

The game gets more difficult, with more fish appearing and disappearing from the screen as your cat progresses to different levels. Unfortunately, the game does end after a certain amount of time. While this might frustrate some cats, most reviewers claim their pets love this game.

What you get in this iPad-exclusive game is a cute orange mouse running around the screen for dear life. Unfortunately, the sounds are a bit over the top and most cats aren't really into it. But once you mute your iPad, the game becomes much more appealing for cats.

This free, 2D, high-definition iPad and Android game was built by cat lovers, for cats. With over 10 levels, the aim is---once again---to catch the on-screen mouse. This time, your cat can pin the mouse in place then let it run away again, just like in real life!

Similar to the other apps mentioned, the aim of this iPad-exclusive game is for your cat to catch the on-screen mice, cat bells, woolen balls, or lasers. There are also sounds to let you know how well your cat is doing without hovering over its shoulder. If the sounds annoy you, you can easily disable them.

While some games end after a certain amount of time, Best Game for Cats keeps going until you close the iPad app. It should keep your cat entertained for hours, provided the poor graphics aren't too much of a turn off for those astute feline eyes.

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Although most of these iPad or Android tablet cat games follow the same formula, if one doesn't keep your cat's attention, try a few others. The sounds and designs all have an impact on how your cat interacts with the game; one of them is bound to work. And now that your cat is happy, why not amuse yourself with some virtual pet games.

spent an hour playing online with a friend and laughed so hard i cried. super fun. sometimes the fish disappear but it's really easy to restart the level, so it's not a big deal. 10/10, would highly recommend if you're looking for a goofy, fun little game to play with a friend.

Really great game, I've played it with pretty much all my online friends at different times. 10/10 The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes the fish disappears although there is a workaround where all players can choose to restart the match by pressing R so it's not that big a deal. Well done !

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i love it when this game gets updates ahah!! the black cat update was tons of fun & i'm super excited to see what comes next :)) also newt was a joy, i love newt, pls make newt plushies, i would literally buy all of them.

My name is Chiara and I'm a game localization expert. I came across this cute game and I absolutely fell in love with the art and the style. I was wondering if you'll be interested in a complete free localization in Italian (my native language), as I'm trying to build up my portfolio while helping out indie devs reaching more people with their games.

I absolutely loved it! I'm a soon-to-graduate English-to-Spanish translator and I was wondering If I could volunteer to translate the game into Spanish I would love for Spanish speakers to enjoy this beautiful and soothing game

I don't say this lightly: Blanket Cat is the ABSOLUTE sweetest game in the world!!! So well-written with gorgeous descriptive prose and masterfully comforting atmosphere: I was genuinely surprised when Baba asked us how we were, and we had a wide variety of choices to respond honestly - I adored all her kind responses. The art, sounds and music are all perfect as well.

Best game ever I literally play it every day lol! I feel like for enough money you should be able to "upgrade" your grandson so he will automatically do one of the chores like, buy the upgrade and whenever the cats run out of food, he could go and feed them and when you buy more fish he could automatically put it in the fridge. IDK, a great game still!

Good game, I hate cats now, but besides that, I think you should add some kind of scoring system. The game is fun, however it isn't really worth coming back too as much when you don't have a motive behind it.

If there were an award for "most enduring gameplay per KB of data," Alley Cat would have won my vote. In what seems like an incredible feat of programming, Bill Williams was able to pack hours of fun and diverse gameplay into only 38KB of space. As an alley cat, evade dogs, humans, and other obstacles to rescue your sweetheart.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

If you get bored of Talking Tom Cat, you can always play the second part of the game, or download one of the many other talking animal games from developer Outfit 7 that have followed this title, such as Talking Ben the Dog, Talking Gina the Giraffe, or Talking Ginger.

Alley Cat is a game created in 1983 by Bill Williams (rest in peace) and published by the company Synapse Software for Atari 8-bit and later IBM PC's and compatible computers. With quite simple, but pretty original arcade mechanics at the same time, it is one of the first computer games that I played as a child. Years ago I started to program a remake of the game (it does so many, in fact, that the initial version was for MS-DOS). The intention was to use the same graphics of the original and add some new details, but the project went through so many different stages and was parked on countless occasions. Finally, after taking time here and there in a rather intermittent development, I managed to finish what I would like to see as a tribute to the original game and its author.This version offers the possibility of playing with graphics and sounds redesigned trying to simulate how an arcade machine version could have been, but also maintains the possibility to play withçoriginal versions of Atari and PC. Five new stages have been added, as well as a couple of multiplayer game modes so that up to 4 kittens can meow up their favorite alley at once. As an extra detail - and because another project I have is building an arcade cabinet - I added the possibility of configuring it for being able to play on an arcade cabinet with all the options that it may require, so that it integrates perfectly as another arcade game on your favorite frontend list.The remake has been programmed through the old Allegro libraries, since as I said, the development started in MS-DOS. Currently it is only available for Windows (it should be compatible with any version). I would have liked to be able to port it to Linux and Mac, but I have not been able to compile the libraries and get a working environment in those systems. If anyone is interested in helping me do it, please, contact me!Below you have a couple of links; a YouTube video to be able to take a look before downloading it and the link with the game. There is no need to install it, just place it in the folder it suits you better, unzip it and run the game. For more information about the game modes and all the functions the game supports, I refer you to the User Guide. And if you want to know more about the remake itself and its development, you can take a look at the section More where other things are explained or try your luck to see if any questions that you could have by chance may have been already solved in the FAQS section on that same page ;)

Fluffy Jelly Cat is a 30-level slingshot styled physics puzzle game where you must help the cat collect all 3 stars on each stage using a limited number of moves. Set your shot angle and strength to move strategically across the level while avoiding spikes and other hazards. Go into balloon mode to float & then pop the balloon to fall. This is a JavaScript web application which uses cross-platform mobile-friendly HTML. All modern web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera should support it. This game works on just about any type of computing device including Microsoft Windows desktop computers, Apple OSX Mac computers, iOS powered tablets and phones like the iPad and iPhone, laptops like the Google Chromebook, and the many types of mobile phones from manufacturers like Samsung which are powered by Google Android.


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