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Win big with the secret of playing the draw handicap bet

In Asian handicap betting, the draw handicap bet is a type of bet that attracts millions of betting enthusiasts to participate every day. Not only is it easy to understand, but this type of bet also offers quite attractive rewards. So, what is the draw handicap bet? What are the most accurate strategies for placing draw handicap bets? Let's follow the article provided by the number one bookmaker - win tips bet.

What is the draw handicap bet?

The draw handicap bet is a quite common Asian handicap bet at reputable bookmakers nowadays and is the most sought-after by many people. The draw handicap bet means that the team in the upper handicap will give a handicap of 2 goals to the team in the lower handicap when the matches are being played.

This draw handicap bet ratio is also clearly displayed on the odds board of all top best bookmaker for football in Vietnam and worldwide. Most bookmakers nowadays offer this draw handicap bet in matches of all sizes.

For example, team A is the upper-ranked team and team B is the lower-ranked team. The draw handicap bet will be calculated as follows:

If team A wins by a margin of 3 goals or more against team B, those who bet on team A will win the bet, while those who bet on team B will lose their money.

If team A wins against team B by a margin of 2 goals, the players will get their stake back.

If team A wins against team B by a margin of 1 goal, those who bet on team A will lose the bet, and those who bet on team B will win the bet.

If team A draws with team B or team B wins, those who bet on team A will lose all their money, and those who bet on team B will win all their money.

The draw handicap bet is a type of bet with quite attractive rewards. However, to win in this type of bet, players need to have some very effective betting tips. The following section will clarify these tips.

Secrets to placing highly accurate draw handicap bets

Research data on both teams

The draw handicap bet is a quite difficult and high-risk bet. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the information, data about both teams to make decisions when choosing this type of bet. Because the draw handicap bet is suitable for teams with strong abilities, attacking strength, and good scoring abilities.

Therefore, thoroughly research information such as: the history of the teams' head-to-head matches, recent performance, goal-scoring rates of the teams, players' line-ups, etc. This information will help bettors make the most accurate betting decisions for this type of bet.

Choose matches

For this draw handicap bet, players must pay attention to choosing the teams to bet on. The draw handicap bet should only be placed on matches where there is a high difference in the level between the two teams.

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By researching information about the teams, you will determine which team is the upper-ranked team and which team is the lower-ranked team. For example, in a match between the top-ranked team and the bottom-ranked team, players should definitely bet on this draw handicap bet to win big rewards. But if the two teams are evenly matched, it's not advisable to risk betting on this type of bet.

Avoid betting at the beginning of the match

For this draw handicap bet, players should not risk betting before the match begins. It's best to place this bet around 15 minutes into the game for a clearer assessment.

Moreover, many bookmakers will change the odds at the last minute, catching players off guard. This can lead to heavy losses. The draw handicap bet is essentially a deep handicap bet, so it requires absolute accuracy in judgment. Therefore, players should not take too many risks with this type of bet if they don't truly understand it.

Keep a cool head

Of all types of betting odds, the draw handicap bet is the most difficult and requires experienced players. Therefore, players must remain calm, analyze the odds, thoroughly research the odds before placing their bets.

Absolutely avoid following the crowd's betting. Not all crowds are always right. You should thoroughly understand the information of the bet you are placing and carefully consider the odds before making a decision.

Many players have fallen into the bookmakers' traps with this bet, resulting in empty pockets. To win big in such a deep handicap bet, always stay calm. Do not bet on the draw handicap bet out of frustration or impulse, as this will only lead to heavier losses.

Choose reputable bookmakers

The final tip when playing the draw handicap bet is to choose reputable bookmakers to find good odds. Many players have suffered consecutive losses without understanding why, and it's because they chose less reputable bookmakers.

This not only reduces the player's winning rate but also leads to heavy losses for bettors. Therefore, seek out large bookmakers to find fair draw handicap bets and always ensure your reward money.

Above, wintips has explained clearly about the draw handicap bet, as well as the most accurate tips for placing such bets. Hopefully, through this article, players can earn some attractive rewards from their experiences in playing the draw handicap bet!


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