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We Buy Any Any Car

By 2009, the company had bought 100,000 cars and was growing in popularity across the UK due to its first TV advertisement that featured a break-dancing newsreader and the jingle. also celebrated opening its 100th branch in 2009.

we buy any any car

In 2013, the company was sold to the used car marketplace, British Car Auctions (BCA).[8] In 2015, BCA was floated on the UK stock market. During the same year, celebrated the opening of its 200th branch.

Since 2022 they have done numerous adverts with the jingle Just Sold My Car To We Buy Any Car which is a parody of Its Friday then it Saturday Sunday What simply known as Friday by English DJ and Producer Riton Scottish house music project Nightcrawlers and Internet personalities Mufasa and Hypeman.

In 2014, the company released the results of a mock Driving Theory Test on its website, revealing that six in ten drivers who sat the test, failed. The study showed that drivers in the 17-21 age group had the lowest pass mark of any age group, while drivers in the 46 to 65-year-old group had the highest pass rate.[10]

Combining data collected from a freedom of information request and a poll of British motorists, found that an increasing number of motorists were relying on dash cam technology to protect themselves and to monitor other road users. At the time of the study, in May 2018, one in five motorists reported to be using a dash cam daily.[11]

In late 2018, research conducted by the company found that seven in ten Britons spend 11 hours in their cars during the Christmas period. Revealing that on average, families travel 311 miles, just under the distance of London to Edinburgh, to see extended family over the festive period. Collectively, British motorists travel over 5.9bn miles in cars over Christmas.[12]

The ICO has fined We Buy Any Car Limited 200,000. It sent 191.4 million marketing emails and 3.6 million marketing SMS messages to individuals without fully satisfying the requirements of the soft opt in, resulting in 42 complaints to the Commissioner, over a period of twelve months.

As well as buying cars at our convenient local branches, We Buy Any Car is pleased to offer a mobile buying service in select locations. Mobile buyers provide the same high level of service you expect with the convenience of selling your car, truck, or SUV from your home or office.

We've listed answers to the most common questions on the frequently asked questions section of the website but if you'd like to talk to someone, you can reach Jim Ruggiero who manages our Lansdale car buying center at (267) 328-4917 during branch opening hours, listed above.

Jim Ruggiero, who manages our Lansdale branch, will check to ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation and proofs of identity. Jim will then conduct a short inspection of your car to check its condition. This usually takes around ten minutes and you can accompany Jim while your car is being inspected.

When selling your car in one day, a little planning ahead goes a long way. Most customers in the Lansdale area usually arrange for a friend or family member to pick them up. The branch manager will also have a list of available public transportation.

If you are satisfied with the valuation* for your car, simply schedule an appointment right away online to bring your car to our nearest or most convenient branch location so that we can inspect your car.

Unlike other online car buying websites, we don't just email you an electronic guidebook estimate of used car values. We take into account the specific information about your car that you provided to us. The valuation is completely free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever to sell your car.

Please keep in mind that online valuations* are subject to an on-site inspection for verification.* Valuations are provided as an estimate for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer from the car buying service to purchase any vehicle. Valuations are based on the limited information we collect from you online and market information about your vehicle (which, for some makes, models and years, can be limited). As a result, the valuation may be adjusted at's discretion at any time, including prior to or during our in-branch inspection of the vehicle. By selecting to receive a valuation, you agree to our Terms of Use.

You will need to bring all documents, keys, etc. for the vehicle. If your online appraisal matches our on-site inspection and all of your paperwork is in order, we can issue you a check right away, if you decide to sell your car. The process usually takes less than an hour and can be as little as 30 minutes.

Answering the question "How much is my car worth?" can be tricky. From trim levels to location, there are many things that are going to affect the value of your used vehicle. Selling your car can be a long process, and there are many places you can sell used cars. From used car dealers to private buyers, getting a fair price for your used can be intimidating. The automotive industry is always changing, and monitoring local market conditions can help you stay aware of how prices may be changing.

A: Selling your car to a private party typically will garner a higher price, but can come with some headaches. Trading in to a dealer, or going with a company that buys cars, will make the selling and title transfer process a breeze.

A: There is no clear-cut answer on how quickly a vehicle depreciates its value. The old adage of "It loses 50% as soon as you drive off the lot" is not always true and it varies from vehicle to vehicle. The more you take care of your car, the more it could be worth down the road!

A: Believe it or not, the trade-in value of used cars can fluctuate seasonally. The supply and demand of the used car market is always changing. If you own a 4x4 or SUV, remember that when there is bad weather or gas prices are low, these vehicles can appreciate considerably. Convertibles always command a high demand in Summer and especially when the Sun is shining.

A: Yes! We will take care of any existing loans or financing on the vehicle. If your vehicle's worth is more than the loan, you will get the balance as a check. If you owe more on the vehicle than what it is sold for, we can apply the full price of the vehicle to the loan, and you will need to pay off the rest.

It is important to know as much information as possible about your vehicle. Knowing the body style, and vehicle condition will give you more accurate values. There are many resources out there to take this information and compare it to the current market trends, and give you up-to-date pricing information. Knowing your vehicle identification number (VIN) can help gather as much information on your car as possible.

Your Vehicle Identification Number can usually be found in one of two spots. First is the driver-side windshield. The VIN is often located below the inspection sticker. If it is not there, you can check the driver's-side door jamb. The VIN is a good thing to know and can give you some more concrete information when getting your car valuated.

Now the timing was right for the founding brothers to take that golden parachute deal they had been seeking almost from the beginning. They sold WEBUYANYCAR.COM to the current owners, British Car Auctions, for an undisclosed sum.

Investigation into: We Buy Any Car Ltd trading as, Company registrationNo.05727953, with a registered office address at Nixon Street, Rochdale,Lancashire, OL11 3JW (

We found a lack of transparency in dealing with consumers, in particularin relation to the status and nature of the online vehicle valuation.Once consumers had invested their time in taking their vehicle to theonsite inspection, they discovered that the final valuation might bereduced for reasons that they had not been told about, such as currentmarket conditions.

This investigation was opened by the OFT on its own initiative toinvestigate the business practices of We Buy Any Car Ltd, which offers avehicle buying service to the general public. Consumers are directed(via search engines or television or radio advertising) to website where they are invited to input details abouttheir vehicle and its condition to obtain a free online valuation. Ifthe consumer is happy with the online valuation they can arrange anappointment at the trader's premises for their vehicle to be inspected.At the onsite inspection, the vehicle is given an examination and anoffer is made to the consumer to purchase the vehicle. As at 3 August2010, the company had 114 branches throughout England, Scotland andWales.

The OFT investigation found that nearly 96 per cent (note 1) ofcustomers who sold their car to We Buy Any Car Ltd between 1 July 2009and 30 June 2010 received less for their vehicle than the originalonline valuation. The OFT was concerned that We Buy Any Car Ltd wasreducing the valuation of the vehicle for reasons other than that thecondition of the vehicle at the inspection differed from that reportedby the consumer when obtaining the online valuation. As a result of its investigation, the OFT formed a view that We Buy AnyCar Ltd may be operating in breach of certain provisions of the ConsumerProtection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs) and the UnfairTerms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCRs). In particular,the OFT identified the following practices that the company was or hadbeen engaging in, amongst others, with which it had concerns:

giving the impression to consumers that they would be paid theonline valuation amount if their description of the vehicle and itscondition was accurate, when in fact the final valuation priceoffered at the appointment might also be dependent on other factors(such as market conditions)

failing to make clear that the online valuation figure included anamount for any road tax refund, which would be deducted from thefinal price offered. The consumer would then have to claim the taxrefund from the DVLA 041b061a72


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