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Anwar Bolshakov
Anwar Bolshakov

Ellen 12 Days Of Christmas Groupon

I emailed groupon customer services 2 times in four days because I did not receive my full order. I have not heard anything back. Now I am forced to try to stop payment through my credit card. I will warn my many friends who are groupon junkies to beware and STAY AWAY from Groupon

ellen 12 days of christmas groupon

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I have been calling customer service during their normal business hours and Ive been getting disconnected dial tones and its getting old. I have been overcharged twice for 2 groupons.. I need to be refunded within the 7 seven days before I cant anymore ?

I was just about to purchased a todays resaurent deal (umberto seafood restaurent) in little italy ny ny. and and just realized last groupon we reedemed at brasil brasil restaurent dinner purchased ever, due to the waiter service and the comment. The waiter cornered me said insulted me front of my date. saying must give more tips.

I have wasted days trying to contact Groupon about booking. I was unable to send a email as it would not respond.When I tel customer support all I could hear was giggling and operator could only say there where was no availability even though I had purchased a groupon and shrigley hall said there was.When I asked for it to be resolved it was going to take 10days and that the availablitiy was only in Nov which was out of date.Shrigley hall even tried to contact and put booking on and they found the same problems.Dealsounded good but experience and reply from Groupon customer care found more than wanting.All is done via app and not much else.No senior to contact and a rig a mole to find anyone to respond


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