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Updated 2022 Futsal Rules: 5-A-Side Soccer Regulations

The updated 5-a-side soccer rules have garnered significant interest as this sport continues to gain traction and evolve in Vietnam. Nowadays, 5-a-side and 7-a-side soccer tournaments are organized as professional competitions.

General Regulations for Futsal Fields

The latest updates to 5-a-side soccer rules are as follows:

Field Dimensions

According to regulations, the field is rectangular. The maximum length of the field is 42 meters, with a minimum of 25 meters. The maximum width is 25 meters, and the minimum is 15 meters.

The length of the field must always soccer tip be greater than its width.

Boundary Lines

The futsal rules specify the following for boundary lines:

Boundary lines must be clearly marked with a width of 8 cm.

The lines along the length of the field are called touchlines.

The lines along the width of the field are called goal lines.

A halfway line runs across the width of the field, marking its center point.

A circle with a radius of 3 meters surrounds the center point of the field.

Penalty Area

From each goalpost on the goal line, a quarter circle with a radius of 6 meters is drawn into the field.

These quarter circles are connected by a 3.16-meter-long line parallel to the goal line and 6 meters from it. The area within these boundaries is the penalty area.

First Penalty Mark

The first penalty mark is on the 6-meter line at the midpoint of the 3.16-meter line.

Second Penalty Mark

The second penalty mark is on the line 10 meters from the goal line, perpendicular to it.

Goal Dimensions

The rules for 5-a-side soccer clearly define the goal dimensions:

Each goal line has a goal centered on it.

The goal consists of two vertical posts 3 meters apart (inside measurement) joined by a horizontal crossbar 2 meters above the ground (inside measurement).

The width and depth of the posts and crossbar are 8 cm.

Goals must be securely anchored to the ground and can be portable but must be fixed during play.

Ball Specifications

The futsal rules specify the following for the match ball:

The ball must be spherical.

Made of leather or another suitable material.

The weight must be between 400g and 440g.

The circumference must be between 62 cm and 64 cm.

The pressure must be between 400 and 600 grams per square centimeter.

Only the main referee can change the match ball during tips free play.

In-Play and Out-of-Play Ball Rules

The ball is in play from the start until the end of the match unless it crosses the touchline or goal line or play is stopped by the referee.

The ball is out of play when it completely crosses the touchline or goal line, either on the ground or in the air, or when play is stopped by the referee.

Player Numbers in 5-A-Side Soccer

The latest rules regarding player numbers are as follows:

Main Players

Each team consists of five players, including the goalkeeper. This means a total of 10 players are on the field. There are unlimited substitutions during the game.


Teams can have up to seven substitutes.

Substitution Rules

Substitutions, including the goalkeeper, are unlimited and can occur while the ball is in or out of play. Substituted players can return to the match.

Match Duration in Futsal

Match Halves

A futsal match consists of two halves, each lasting 20 minutes, with a 15-minute break between halves. Some tournaments may have each half lasting 25 minutes.

Stoppage Time

There is no specified stoppage time in futsal as the game clock automatically stops for interruptions.

Fouls and Misconduct

Indirect Free Kick Fouls

An indirect free kick is awarded for the following offenses by the goalkeeper:

Receiving the ball back from a teammate without it crossing the halfway line or being touched by an opponent.

Touching or catching the ball from a teammate’s kick-in or pass.

Controlling the ball with hands or feet in their half for more than 4 seconds.

Other players commit indirect free kick fouls for:

Dangerous play.

Intentional obstruction without attempting to play the ball.

Preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball.

Committing other offenses not mentioned in the laws that require a caution or sending-off.

An indirect free kick is taken from where the offense occurred or from the 6-meter line if within the penalty area.

Direct Free Kick Fouls

A direct free kick is awarded for the following offenses:

Kicking or attempting to kick, tripping, jumping at, charging, striking, pushing, holding, or spitting at an opponent.

Slide-tackling an opponent, except the goalkeeper in their penalty area without using excessive force.

A direct free kick is taken from where the offense occurred, or from the penalty mark if inside the penalty area.

Penalty Kicks

Penalty kicks are awarded and executed as follows:

The ball is placed on the penalty mark.

The kicker is identified and informed.

The defending goalkeeper stands on the goal line between the posts.

All other players must be outside the penalty area and at least 5 meters from the penalty mark.


Kick-ins are awarded when the ball completely crosses the touchline, taken by the opposing team from where the ball left the field. The ball must be stationary and placed on the touchline.

Players taking the kick-in can have one foot on the touchline or both feet outside the field.

Opponents must be at least 5 meters from the ball.

A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.

Goal Clearance

When the ball crosses premium soccer tips the goal line after last touching an attacking player, the goalkeeper restarts play by throwing the ball from within the penalty area.

The ball must leave the penalty area to be in play.

Opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.

Penalty Shootouts

In the event of a draw in knockout stages, penalty shootouts decide the winner.

The referee chooses the goal for the shootout.

Each team alternates taking five kicks.

The referee records the results of each kick.


Understanding the 5-a-side soccer rules helps you follow matches more easily. As this sport grows globally, stay updated with the latest futsal regulations from GBPNews to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the game.


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